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Cabrio Shield® - A Tailored Solution To Soft Top Protection
Cabrio Shield® - About Us
Protect and Preserve Your Soft Top and Windows

The Cabrio Shield® is a tailored soft top cover that has been specially designed to protect soft tops from bird droppings, tree sap, sun damage, dirt build up and other contaminents.

The Cabrio Shield® dffers from other covers in that the design has been carefully thought out. The concealed attachment system incorporates flanges that close inside the door gaps. The rear is attached under the trunk lid.

The Cabrio Shield® has been carefully designed with the minimum of contact with the car's paintwork. Such contact areas are lined with a soft, microfibre cloth and soft touch magnetic rubber strips are concealed behind the microfibre (where applicable). This has the added benefit of helping to prevent the edges buffeting against the car. The Cabrio Shield® is tailored to the soft top with a degree of accuracy that ensures it cannot billow in the wind.
Prolong The Life Of Your Soft Top
With regular use the Cabrio Shield® will dramatically increase the life span of your soft top. Damage to soft tops primarily comes from exposure to the elements, such as sunlight. Regular use of the Cabrio Shield® will protect plastic windows from frost and sun damage; significantly reduce the natural colour fading of soft top fabric and the natural degradation of plastic windows. An added benefit includes protecting the interior trim from sun light damage.

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