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Convertible Top Materials
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Aftermarket Range
An aftermarket grade vinyl specifically formulated to reproduce the texture and appearance of the vinyl tops used on most Classic British sports cars.

Typical life expectancy: 5+ years.
Cabriotex™ Aftermarket Fabric
Cabriotex™ Aftermarket Vinyl
An aftermarket grade fabric designed to replicate the characteristics and appearance of factory original fabrics.

The material has a rubber membrane sandwiched between a polyester facing and backing that provides superior long term durability and finish when compared to many other convertible top fabrics.

Typical life expectancy: 15+ years.
Factory Quality & Premium Bespoke Ranges
Cabriotex™ Classic British Vinyl Colors
Cabriotex™ Classic British Vinyl
The original quality vinyl for most Classic British Sports cars. Cabriotex™ Classic British Vinyl features the period stag grain facing and is widely considered to be the best choice of material for enthusiasts looking to retain the original factory appearance of a Classic British sports car.

The vinyl offers superior wear and tear characteristics compared to many other vinyls and has a typical life expectancy of 10+ years.
Only available in Black
Only available in Black
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Haartz Cabrio Vinyl Colors
Haartz® Cabrio Vinyl
Manufactured by the Haartz Corporation. Cabrio Vinyl is the Factory Original material for Mazda Miata NA and VW Rabbit convertible tops and features the original cabrio grain PVC facing and durable cotton backing.

Cabrio Vinyl is one of the finest convertible top vinyls available with a typical life expectancy of 12+ years.
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Haartz Twillfast & Sonnenland Fabric Colors
Haartz Twillfast® II & Haartz Sonnenland® Fabrics
Haartz Twillfast® II and Haartz Sonnenland® are the Factory Original fabrics for Europe's leading luxury car manufacturers, such as Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW and Bentley. They are widely considered to be the finest convertible top fabrics available.

The fabrics feature a rubber membrane sandwiched between a dense twill weave facing and backing and provide superior strength, durability, workability and finish when compared to other convertible top fabrics. The typical life expectancy is 20+ years.
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Sonnenland ® and Twillfast ® are registered trademarks of the Haartz Corporation
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