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MGA 1959-1962 Aftermarket Long Tonneau Covers
For cars without door top pegs
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Cabriotex ® Aftermarket Vinyl Long Tonneau Cover
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MGA 1956-1962 Aftermarket Vinyl and Fabric Mohair Long Tonneau Covers - Prestige Autotrim Products Ltd
MGA 1956-1962 Precision Made Vinyl and Fabric Mohair Long Tonneau Covers - Prestige Autotrim Products Ltd
Precision Made for a Precise Fit

Many companies talk about the manufacturing techniques they use but this is irrelevant if the methods used to pattern and design the tonneau covers are not to factory standard. Not everyone has the knowledge, experience or passion to precisely pattern and develop a tonneau cover to the highest standards of quality and fit. If this process is not carried out correctly: no amount of hi-tech machinery will make the tonneau cover fit and function as precisely as the factory original.

Our dedicated pattern makers have over 40 years of experience developing tonneau covers for OEM and aftermarket customers alike and each tonneau cover is computer cut from their precise digital patterns to ensure an accuracy of +-0.01mm.
MGA 1956-1962 Premium Grade Thread for Vinyl and Fabric Mohair Long Tonneau Covers - Prestige Autotrim Products Ltd
Premium Grade Thread

The quality of construction is just as important to the longevity of a tonneau cover as the material that is used. An important component of construction is the quality of the thread.

We only use premium grade OE thread that is specifically engineered for the automotive industry. The thread offers exceptional UV and abrasion protection along with resistance to mildew.
MGA 1956-1962 Hydrophobic Fabric Coating for Long Tonneau Covers - Prestige Autotrim Products Ltd
Hydrophobic Fabric Guard

All Prestige fabric tonneau covers are pre coated with an exceptional, high performance hydrophobic fabric guard. The fabric guard helps improve the life span of the fabric by offering excellent water repellency, resistance to mildew, resistance to dirt build up and it also helps to maintain the colour fastness of the fabric.
MGA 1956-1962 Tailored Steering Wheel Pocket - Prestige Autotrim Products Ltd
Tailored To Your Car

Prestige tonneau covers are precisely tailored to ensure a correct overall fit and feature heavy duty plastic zips to prevent the problem of rust that affected the original tonneau covers.
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