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Do you have a query about a product?

Information on our products can be found on the specific product pages of this website. You can view the available products for your car by clicking on the 'Choose Your Car' link at the top of the page and then click on the make of car. You will see that we offer a choice of specification for each product and you simply click on the range that best meets your requirements.
Would you like to know the price of a product?
This website provides the current prices for all of our products. You can view the total price for an order by adding items to the basket (doing so is not a commitment to an order). We encourage you to explore our website because we offer different specifications, materials and colours to suit a variety of needs.
The telephone is no longer the preferred means of contact for the majority of our customers. This means it is no longer viable for us to have dedicated phone operators. If the above guidance is not able to assist you with your enquiry; you can send a message to us by clicking here.
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