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Triumph Spitfire Convertible Tops 1963-1980
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Triumph Spitfire Mk. I & II
1963-1967 Convertible Tops
Triumph Spifire Mk ! & Mk2 Convertible Tops 1963-1967
Triumph Spitfire Mk. III
1967-1970 Convertible Tops
Triumph Spitfire Mk 3 Convertible Tops 1967-1970
Cars with a 3 piece metal bar to attach the convertible top to the front.
Cars with a header rail to attach the convertible top to the front.
Triumph Spitfire Mk. IV & 1500
1971-1980 Convertible Tops
Triumph Spitfire Mk4 & 1500 Convertible Tops 1971-1980
Includes zippered rear window as original.