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MG RV8 Car Hoods 1993-1995
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Last Modified 01/11/23
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If you are new to car hoods and would like some advice, we invite you to view our
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Prestige Aftermarket Hoods
MG RV8 1993-1995
MG RV8 Aftermarket Car Hoods 1993-1995
Available in Cabriotex® Aftermarket Fabric.

The Prestige Aftermarket range of car hoods are manufactured from Cabriotex® aftermarket-quality fabric to the same quality design and precision-fit that define all Prestige car hoods.

Cabriotex® materials offer trusted automotive quality when compared to many unbranded materials available in the marketplace.

Only available in Black. Please see our Factory Quality and Premium Bespoke ranges for a wide range of colours.
Prestige Factory Quality Hoods
MG RV8 1993-1995
MG RV8 Factory Quality Car Hoods 1993-1995
Available in  Premium Haartz ® Fabrics

Our long history in car hood engineering for the Classic British motor industry ensures our factory quality hoods are widely considered the most authentic replacements for your Classic British convertible. The quality, detail and precise fit are second to none.

The hoods are available in Premium Haartz ® Fabrics.
Haartz ® fabrics are factory original for Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, and Bentley.

For something special, we have developed a Premium Bespoke range of hoods that feature a thicker than original plastic window and custom binding options. Please see the Premium Bespoke range below for details.
MG RV8 Premium Bespoke Car Hoods 1993-1995
Prestige Premium Bespoke Hoods
MG RV8 1993-1995
Available in Premium Haartz ® Fabrics

Prestige Premium Bespoke car hoods have been extensively developed by our Design Studio to offer hoods with market-leading design and fit in addition to exclusive upgrade options.

The hoods feature a thicker than original, Renolit 'flexglas' plastic window.

Luxurious hand-rolled binding is also available in a range of contrasting colours to provide a special finish to your new car hood.
MG RV8 Aftermarket Car Hoods 1993-1995
MG RV8 Factory Quality Car Hoods 1993-1995
MG RV8 Premium Bespoke Car Hoods 1993-1995