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Prestige Heritage ® Car Hood Materials

Haartz ® Twillfast & Sonnenland Car Hood Fabrics

Prestige Autotrim Products Ltd - Haartz® Twillfast & Sonnenland Fabrics for Prestige Heritage® Car Hoods, Convertible Tops, Soft Tops, Roofs, Tonneau Covers, Hood Covers
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  • Manufactured by the Haartz Corporation. The OE manufacturer of hooding for the global motor industry.
  • Twillfast ® and Sonnenland ® are the finest car hood fabrics available.
  • Factory original for Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW and Bentley convertibles.
  • Acoustically enhanced, 3 ply composite fabrics featuring a premium rubber membrane sandwiched between a dense twill weave facing and dense backing.
  • Exceptional strength and tension characteristics.
  • Superior durability, workability and colour definition when compared to other fabrics; such as aftermarket 'Mohair'.
  • Typical life expectancy: 20+ years.
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