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BMW Z3 Factory Original Car Hoods 1996-2003
Tel: +44 (0)151 643 9555
Prestige BMW Z3 Car HoodsPrecision Made for a Precise FitPremium Grade Thread
  • Prestige BMW Z3 Car Hoods
  • Precision Made for a Precise Fit
  • Premium Grade Thread
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Haartz Twillfast ® Fabric
Car Hood
Premium Haartz Fabric Colours
Haartz Twillfast® Fabric Car Hood  
BMW Z3 1996-2003 - Stock Code: H2030  
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Material samples are available upon request
Typical Life Expectancy:
20+ years

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BMW Z3 Car Hoods 1996-2003 Installation Guidance
BMW Z3 Car Hood
Installation Guide
Twillfast ® is a registered trademark of the Haartz Corporation.